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Centuries Of Me Lyrics

(Lamentation Of The Dissension)

From the unconsciousness, final laceration of the abysm

I've felt beyond the depths of terror
Slid in ever paler streams, viscera or paths
Sneak traces: worms or tumor
Limbs texture fargile aeons
Voracious they open
A wound secreting war

Whirling as silence in breathes of oblivion

Rain rent bleeding mirrors
Deep nails paint passages
In circles engraved the forest of
Ancient parasites resurrected
My wisdom seed I burn
To cut this tree of mankind
Viscide lingue di fuoco odiano

A plsam by the cadaver:
'Non mi toccare'

Lick my veins faster than frost soil is vomiting
Razors swing but we're already distant usurpers of the verge
Where colours quiver of nightmares blood became oceans
Above deforming chasms we shall dwell

Sung in verses of chaos
Collapsed thru reasons
A vitreous skull
Horrendous pestilence cycle

La schiusura delle ombre
Vomitate da
Le carcasse di Abbandono
Respirare con dolore
Secoli di me

Inside, as dawning
Dance now o night
Shuddering void... bodies scream far off from us

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