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(L. Yamamoto)How you doin sweethearthey ya you know these last few months we've been togetherhave been so rightand i'm just glad for what we sharedi've been wonderinhow do you feel?(chorus)i wanna get lost in love with youand do all the things you want me tocaress your body touch your soul cause boy i love you so(repeat)the love we share, somethin so especial esta contigo is all i wanna do every night ever since el primer dia the first day i knew it would last forever if i had it my way so the days go on, no aguo otra cosa but dream about the moments our hearts would come closer holding tu mano and your face tan bonita never met another lady, senorita and that is why i gotta say that you're the best a million and one ways just to express mi amor i know that we will be together so sing to me babyand sing forever i wanna be with you always together forever till our endin day hold me baby don't let go makin love like never before(repeat)makin love in the night time walks and romance i'm tellin you hermosa my heart is in a trance they say that true love is so hard to fine i thank the man up above for makin you mine talkin on the telephone sending you kisses a dozen of roses just to say that i'm missin the warmth of your body right next to mine eres tu tan mejor like the toast of fine wine out to the movies maybe sharin some ice cream si estoy dormido, don't wake me from my dream todo lo que quiero, all i need is your affection my life is fine but you brought perfection now we sit here just holdin hands whispers in my ear tell me that i'll be your man today, manana, in a paradise for two i feel the same way cause i'm so in love with you i love the way you make me feel my love for you is oh so real praise my body touch me softly love me till the morning you know that love we shared is just somethin so special the tenderness i just don't know what to say girl what you say to me?one more time do it like this, c'mon...i wanna get lost in love with and do all the things you want me to caress your body, touch your soul cause boy i love you so i wanna be with you always together forever till our endin day hold me baby, don't let gomak in love like never before...

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