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The Islander Lyrics

I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred and I'll be one till I
die. I'm proud to be an Islander and here's the reason
why. I'm free as the wind and the waves that wash the
sand. There's no place I would rather be than here in

I spent some time in New York state I nearly lost my
mind. The city life's too fast for me nobody had the
time. Cement and steel and flashing lights was all that I
could see. It may be good for New York state but it's no
damn good for me.


In Montreal the Frenchmen say that they own Labrador.
Including Indian Harbor where my father fished before.
And if they want to fight for her then I'll surely make a
stand. And they'll regret the day they tried to take our


Now that the oil is on our shore we better take the time,
to develop it more carefully or else you're going to
find, what could have been the answer to our poor
economy, has changed our way of living and destroyed our

Chorus Twice

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Navigators - Dance and Sing
is the track #8 from the album Dance and Sing which is released on 2012-07-23. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2012 The Navigators
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