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The Angel Of Smokeless Fire Lyrics

Oh merciless Titan! I direct my vision upon Thy terrible
glare, that our sight may conjoin as one. For I have
crawled out from the wombgrave of silent serenity, rested
my burning tongue in the cold waters of oblivion and
placed a skull atop the staff of my ascension. Cloaked in
starless night have I journeyed upon the mare of shadow,
across mountains made of childrens' bones unto the
saturnian springs where I washed the face off my soul.
Soundless there, I plunged my sword into the knot of
existence. With eyes covered in salt I beheld the Angel
of smokeless fire,
singing wordless hymns through the chthonian winds,
piercing his voice through my chest, void of heart, to
awaken the pole unto which all iniquity is drawn.
Pulsating with death-like vigor, I there was crowned upon
a tomb crowded with the glimmering reflections upon the
lunar lakes. Eye gleaming with ancient terror stolen from
the Abysmal sparks that dance above my anointed brow. The
Throne of shameless murder be my seat, under which weight
even the burden of life is crushed. Devouring the Word of
reason to spew it into the bowels of the great Dragon, so
that I may become Dumah – The angel of the silence of
death, spreading the fourfold wings of solar Darkness
across the blind mass called ALL.

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