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Astron Black Lyrics


Hold your breath and dive in history
Feel so proud as part of this mystery
Barefoot Gaia gave birth to holy ones
Gods and deities all these guiding stars

Astron black
Astron black

Astron black evolves to conquer light
As minutes turns to aeons, eyes blind
Logged thousands years, seeding life
Rise black choreography
Only to sustain in sphere of time

Astron black
Astron black
Astron black
Astron black
So mythical

Eyes stare to the sky

Fate, delete, astral projection bleed
Life denies to embark our human fleet
Plasure and lust these flags on broken masts
Astron black demands return to glorious land

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Nightfall - Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants
is the track #2 from the album Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants which is released on 2010-08-31. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2010 Metal Blade Records
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