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Poetry Of Death Lyrics

(Dedicated to all those of our kind; brothers.)
Listen to the tunes of doom
Sing the lyrics of sadness
Awake, upon your grateful tomb
Be part of the kingdom of darkness
Grateful sorrow deep within my heart
Captured by the feeling of desire
The one I've always searched in dark
The one that burns me like glowing fire
Grand warriors messengers with burning eyes
Giving me wings for flying away
As I feel my body, it dies
Let my soul join the pale sky's grey
I'll soon be back
As the legends used to say
A night, blazed, right into dark
Or a day with its sky full of grey
Poetry of death
Written deep within the soul of the man
Followed by orchestrical tunes nonplayed
Under the slavesun

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Nightfall - Macabre Sunsets
is the track #7 from the album Macabre Sunsets which is released on 1993. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 1993 Nightfall
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