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Threshold Lyrics

Of our Human Limitations

As we shift forward across the threshold
We leave behind an existence full of limitations
An intense radiation of particles is consuming our eyes
Evaporating the skin, exterminating all organic tissue

Chorus (x2)
Purge… Defective humans
Purge… Matter involved
Purge… Condensed conditions of this stagnation

Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
-Reject limitations
Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
-Obliterate ourselves
Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
Filtering the results of this existence devoided of all reason

Chorus (x2)

As we take conscience of our human limitations
We become aware of concepts previously unknown

Loathe the flesh, loathe the soul, and accept existence
In a spastic explosion fissuring the space
To purify this earth, to cleanse this human waste
Step forward and believe, step forward and give yourself

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Nihil Obstat - Disintegration
is the track #5 from the album Disintegration which is released on 2010-05-10. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 2010 Nihil Obstat
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