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(Hey Dj) Play That Song Lyrics


Hey DJ, just play that song
y dame un poquito de reggaeton
Wanna party all night till the break of dawn
So keep me dancin' (dancin') All night (All night long)

Yeah! reggaetoni pa la joni
still to the move to the money
Tony Touch, Nina Sky and el homie?
En el party, like dady,
hay melao bien activa'o
esto es lo ke vale check it, check it out,
dale dale mami, let it out
el flow ta peligroso ten cuidao!
te lo juro ke lo tuyo
ahora vamos a meterle bien duro (dale)
Underground pa too el mundo,
Mr. Capi Ku you know how we do,
te estoy velando, los ke me odian siguen tirando,
yo sigo gozando improvisando,
con todas las mujeres gritando.

Repeat Chorus

Don't get it confused
me and Tony comin' with that hot shit
Might even wanna boogie go cop it
And if you lost it, hey no worries
But if you don't sh, malo fuenta fiesta fury
Soy el tipo que tu conoces,
yo te mando a la tierra y te deja flores,
pa los viejos y menores no te pongas bravo te enseño

She the type of flippin' that we makin' the chetta
Me on the beat, is like true people comin' togetha
Fuckin' dilated wouldn't trade it glad that we made it
We run faded but we'll always be hated
We gettin' heated and in the minute they go treat the
We feel like smoking so we make believe that jutes
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Me and Tony flippin' is a must

Repeat Chorus

It's gettin' hot tonight (tonight)
Bottles on my side (my side)
With my girls and I'm
Gonna get my party on

I'm checkin' all the papi's watchin'
Motion towards the floor start dancin'
Tony's got the party rockin'
DJ won't you play my song

Repeat Chorus


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