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As I Fight Lyrics

Character never builds
When put to the side to grow on it's own
Like the sharpened knife
It once had to grind against stone
The life that I have chosen
I wasn't promised an easy way out
But when the hard times come
He's there for me
That's what He's about
As I fight I'm not alone
Through the struggles I have grown
I failed Him before
And I will fail over and over again
He promised me not to leave
And with that how could I not win
Disoriented by change
Hard times come that's one thing for sure
But He promises me that I won't
See one more ounce
Than I can endure
When I feel like I am a failure
That is when I should surrender
Never to the opposing attack
But to His guidance
Right where I am at

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No Innocent Victim - Flesh and Blood
is the track #9 from the album Flesh and Blood which is released on 1999. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1999 VICTORY RECORDS
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