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Oh my sweet deception
Embrace me now
My world is dead
Gloomy visions surround me
Wish the worst, enjoy this plague
Searching the meaning of life
Where misery forever reigns
In the darkness I shall rise
Followed by my starless mind

To set me free, another day falls behind me
My spirit release me from all I never need
From nothing I have risen
And for nothing I still exist
I was looking for an exit, but now it’s too late

Above all, I shall rule,
Or I shall die alone
Everything is turning around me
Embraced is how I like to be, how I like to live
Ending history, no pretending, temptation is fading

Erased from all memories
The cleansing has begun
Guilty of clairvoyance, I shall rise again
Lucid I shall forever stay at my place
No revelations, only contradictions

My blood is cold
I touch the edge of nothingness
I shall disappear through the light of emptiness
Forever I will be, forever I will fall
My blood is cold

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