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Outside you can not face the crowd
No more communication
You lost the will, you lost the will
The web took al your social skill
Nothing in the real world's related
Your new world is pixelated

And what if the connection fails
And what if the screen goes black
Your life derails
The net is your lifeline, keeps you up
Your heart stops as the bandwidth drops

And you can almost touch her face
Eyes closed, the room implodes
This must be cyber heaven
A virtual mirage without the taste
Left you disgraced

(Time to go out, time to breathe in)
(A second wind, your real life begins)

Time to go out, time to breathe in
A second wind, your real life begins

Try and shutdown, you'll never win
Your eyes are tired, sun burned your skin
A second wind, your real life begin
Time to go out, time to breathe in

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On Fire - Masquerades
is the track #9 from the album Masquerades which is released on 2008-04-20. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 Shield Recordings
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