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At The Breaking Of The World Lyrics

Panic, the earth is heaving up beneath me. I've got nothing to say to besides it's over. Fire breaks through the window pane, it's coming. The guilt weighs down on me, heavy. This is the last moment that I'll ever feel. Then finally I find the thing that keeps me safe. Here comes the rain. To douse the flame, to wash away all my mistakes. Ruins stand stark against the sky and smolder. The air is heavy and it smells of sulfur. Sirens warn of the coming fear, take cover. Here comes the second wave for me. Triggered, by my failures. Carried, in the flames. Our part, is ending, trust me, I'm not afraid. Black smoke, on the horizon, the sky is burning, but where are you, I won't die alone. I won't die. Then finally (Then finally) I find the thing (That keeps me safe) Here comes the rain (To douse the flame) To wash away (All my mistakes)

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On The Last Day - Meaning In The Static
is the track #8 from the album Meaning In The Static which is released on 2006. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 VICTORY RECORDS
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