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An Allusion To Italy Lyrics

oh by the way i hope you-
and now when i ask of you-
and who couldnt possibly refuse.
a marriage proposal as such.
is it in his kiss?
no thats not the way.
and you're not listening, to a word i say.

i've been on an allusion kick,
i've been nice all over again,
then i realize-
its dead, and over.
get out of it.
if you dont soon enough,
then i realize-
i havent seen anyone.

hiding out is what we're doing.
pleaseantly bored.
simmer away-
and i apologize.
remember the laughter?
and the innocence?
as will i, of course.
its better in the long run, perhaps..

well i've decided..
that anyone,
who would ever even,
consider asking me that;
be able to scoop me up.
burn any negatives, and hide me in two,
or maybe three-
four to be safe..

and i will run to ohio.
and i will be genesis in a few months.
and i will paint you blue, to mark the sky.
to simmer away...

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On The Might Of Princes - Where You Are and Where You Want to Be (Definitive Version)
is the track #6 from the album Where You Are and Where You Want to Be which is released on 2020. Genre: Punk | Record Label: 2020 Dead Broke Rekerds
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