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Project Gladiators Lyrics (Feat.. Termanology)

[Sticky Fingaz]
Onyx versus everybody
This boy stick fingers
My nigga Joe Star
Fuck the terminology nigga
You know what it is nigga
Nigga, we fucking professional street niggas
Let's go

[Fredro Starr]
Ayo I'm from the south side
We don't fuck with the outsiders
We outside, I run with the Al Qaeda's
The swindlers, swipers, marksman, the snipers
The tigers, the O.B.B.C. and Rikers
We roll with parolees with iced-out Rollies
Hockey masks run up on you looking like goalies
Time-droppers, crime-stoppers, non-poppers
Time-stoppers, you gon' need at lеast 9 diapers
Shine coppers, jеwelry confiscate us
Usual constant haters
While confrontate us
Criminal, contemplate us
Surgeon, complicate us
Scavengers, scheming on Rolex and Mariners
Project gladiators, pulling out radiators
My niggas is brawl like Larry Davis
Innocent bystanders, chics with high standards
Independent bitches don't need me to buy pampers
Back-stabbers, plaque daggers, attack rappers
Crack trappers, on bike to back packers
Trendsetters, rocking Ralph Lauren sweaters
We been better, that's why niggas got vendettas
[Sticky Fingaz]
Project gladiators
Project gladiators
Project gladiators
Project gladiators

Ayo I run with Puerto Ricans and Blacks
We got heaters and gas
All black with the sneakers to match
I'm speaking the facts
Come through, gleaming in fact
You get your shit took; baby boy is easy as that

I'm from a wild hood
Soon as you make something, they take something
Leave you in the ER, they trying to break something
Wait puppet, come through when they dumping
Soon as its safe jumping, that's when the hate coming

Handing me the pills that keep the pain numbing
Clouds over your heads, that means the rain coming
Why you still praying? You know he ain't coming
While I'm all alone in this vocal booth, dumbing

Shorty got an onion, ran up got her number
Nothing like New York City in the summer
From a pack running to a rapper with a full schedule
First, they laugh at you then remember what you do huh?
Project gladiators
Project gladiators
Project gladiators
Project gladiators

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