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Seem like the only thoughts would be negative
But shit, I'd never give, I need a sedative
I'mma forever live, the one and only, murderer
Defeat, I never heard of that

Push ya head, throw the back, gettin' that, word to gat
The most coatable, a number two of niggas
When there's a show to do
You know the true, Official Nast niggas

I blow a hole in you
I'm selli'n tracks not cracks, you buyin' or what?
'Cuz I be in your crib right now, tyin' you up
Corams jack ya house, put the gat to your spouse mouth

And clean the place, kill the kids, do they see my face?
It's the cream I taste, he thinkin' my way, be the race
We the mischief who raise the most hell
Onyx in the Bible, Genesis 2, verse 12 and that's the life, that I lead

Niggas walk around town like they can't bleed
So take that, where your heart is at
So take that, yeah, what
Take that, and that, and that, and that, and that

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Onyx - Shut
is the track #17 from the album Shut 'Em Down which is released on 1998-06-02. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 1998 RAL Def Jam
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