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Red Tide Rising Lyrics

Chaos is calling, the kingdoms are falling
The planets collide in the sky
The old ones command, by a curse or by hand
That we've come to the end of our times
Thoughts paralysed, a red tide will rise
Dystopia seen through cephalopod eyes
Creatures reborn, from weird tales untold
Visions of horror, dimensions unknown to this world

Gods are descending, a force unrelenting
Cthulhu will rise from the sea
Turning blood red and awaking the dead
From their aeons of suffering sleep
Monoliths rise, to fiery skies
Empires dead in the shadow of flies
Serpents unwind, to torture and bind
No one survives the ultimate fall of mankind

Atlantis will rise!
The kraken alive!
These are fortean times!

No sanctuary, no hail mary,
No visionary.....can save you from what has begun!

Infidels fall to ther knees and they start
Praying to something that's never been there in their

Searing white light from the guardians flesh
Azrael rising, wings of the angel of death

No sanctuary, no hail mary,
No visionary.....can save you from what has begun!

This is Leviathan!
Death of the sun!
Age of darkness has won.

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Orange Goblin - A Eulogy for the Damned
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