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Whisper My Name When You Dream Lyrics

In this throne that I lay I hear her sigh
All gods of north are calling to me with wrath
Oh - sing for me my queen of lost

In this state with pleasure I die
I watch with an all knowing eye
Undying pleasure envelops all that we are
Our emotions rage like a flaring sun, like a work undone

Feel my passion unto you flow
I watch the halo slowly grows
And from this moment I now know
You whisper my name when you... dream on...
I cry for you oh my lord, (sing for me)
My kingdom of lust is yours (oh, sing for me)
Bonded by love we are one, you are the moon and I am the sun

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Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila (Remastered)
is the track #10 from the album El Norra Alila which is released on 1996. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 1996 Century Media Records Ltd
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