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Tough Guy Lyrics

(feat. U.G.K.)
(Shaft Soundtrack)
Everbody on the streets,
This a lil thesis coming from me
When I throw up baggets, sitting at the bar
Or smokin a lil red life in my car
I dont know what you came to see,
Nigga just out here feeding my kids
Throw up the duece and let me slide on by
Cuz everybody wants to be a tough guy
[Verse One: Big Boi]
Crusin down the street, minding my business cuz I'm trill
Stopped at the ATM, grabbed a thousand dollar bill
Now I peel, like apples and peaches because I'm chill
And niggas around my city respect me because I'm real
But still, the things I see from day to day it hurts me
When I'm off in the '79 Seville or the Bonneville
Niggas wanna hurt me, absurd g
I know it, betta believe I tote something for it
But I gotta be smoking?????????????? know it
And I'm not the type of person be riding around yo block just flashy
Just came to the store to get some black and milds and a lil bit of 93 gas,G
Wanna blast me, get sassy, say negative things about OutKast G
Riding all on a nigga dick, all you had to do was just dap me, come slap me
You the bad man, so go ahead and touch my cheek then
But we'll be burying you and your whole motherfucking family by the weekend
I'm calling your bluff, go'n and buck, I got my squad we trapping
AC gone slap this nigga, he aint bucking, he just yapping, yea!
[Verse Two: Bun B]
Say, we took it from packing the pistols,
To jacking this missiles
To stacking my crystals
Now my torpedo's even cracking your missile
When we start, aint no stopping us
We too smart and too popular
Take yo toys and we ?topple em
Resort to the dopplar
To the agent underground well known as S

Song writer(s): Chad L. Butler, Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Bernard James Freeman, David Sheats
Official Outkast website: www.outkast.com

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