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Be My Pianist Lyrics

Oh my artist why are you so sad
With your paint smears and your siamise cat
You should paint a bigger heart
Swallow down to your chest
Maybe even a halo above your head

Oh my piano why are you so cruel
It's so hard getting to know you
You can be with a brighter one
Who knew to play you so good
You could sound so beautiful
You would

Oh my actress why you act so blue
With your sun beams and your silver spoon
You could act like the mountain tops
You could act like the queen
But oh why my dear must you act like me

Song writer(s): Michael Nau Jr
Official Page France website: www.pagefrance.net

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Page France - ...and the Family Telephone
is the track #4 from the album ...and the Family Telephone which is released on 2007-05-08. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2007 Suicide Squeeze Records
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