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Chocolate Lyrics

I want a chocolate covered girlfriend
With like smile like cherries and cream
I want a chocolate covered girlfriend
Hard like candy, soft like caramel
Sweet chocolate covered girlfriend (x2)

On the dance floor I was dancing all off-beat
Saw this black girl feel the music like the snare drums on her feet
And the kickdrums on her waist, it was written on her face
White boy you haven't got a chance with me
She's probably right cuz man I don't have any game
I might not get a phone number but she has to have a name
Was acting all insane
I said listen girl, we come from different worlds
But our attitude's the same


Now your girlfriends all start laughing like this homeboy's lost his mind
Must be trippin on that ecstasy or sniffin on those lines
Now he wants to taste your chocolate just to see if he'll get high
White boy take your skateboard and find something else to grind
But I can't walk away and leave this true love left behind
It's between just me and you love, tell your crew to step aside
Your skin's so dark and smooth, the things I'd do to get inside
Let's put this foolishness aside


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Paranoid Social Club - Paranoid Social Club
is the track #7 from the album Paranoid Social Club which is released on 2005-08-30. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2005 ON Entertainment Bikiniwax Records
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