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Only In America Lyrics

Chorus Only in America (Soy de America
Vivo en America)
Only in America (Soy de America
Vivo en America)

Verse 1 You can be as friendly as you please
Everyone's just searching for their dream
People eating dinner in their cars
Reading their daily futures in the stars
Men are dating women twice their age
Human tattoo paintings seem to be the rage

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 There's more people in than out of jail
The rest of us are drowning in our mail
If everything is virtual, what is really real?
Are our feelings virtual? Do we really feel?
Every house speaks a different language
Salsa is more popular than ketchup

Repeat chorus & Instrumental bridge

Verse 3 When you're in Miami, you think it must be Cuba
Mexico is the sabor of California
Salsa in the nightclubs, salsa in the bars
Gringos are even eating salsa in their cars
What are people wearing? Clothes are not in vogue
But everyone seems to wear something through their nose


Cha cha & merengue, tango you can't wait
But if you don't dance salsa, you can't even get a date
You used to think of English for the USA
But if you want good English now, you have to pay
Try to communicate, someone might understand
But don't expect too much in this very foreign land

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