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Downhill Slope Lyrics

Caravans and waves on the desert sands
But someone told me I'd better stay away
And you, you never learn
you, you never learn
You'll never learn, yeah, mmm-hmmm - yeah
The passing hour seem so long since you been gone
And the hand of time has withered like a life prolonged,
You, you never learn
Yeah, yeah, you never learn
You'll never learn
To prove yourself in this world of pain
You gotta give and take
I've never been one for the tricks of the trade,
but I know how to love, that I do
But you, no, you'll never learn, yeah
You, mmm-hmm, I said you'll never learn
You'll never learn, yeah
Mmmm- hmmm

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Pentagram - Review Your Choices
is the track #11 from the album Review Your Choices which is released on 1999-07-19. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2009 Pentagram
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