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Precious Stone Lyrics

Come on come on we gotta get there
Come on come on we gotta go
Come on I know you̢۪re feeling better
I know you̢۪re feeling in control
I know you̢۪re feeling in control
We gotta be somewhere at 7
I know you have a dress to wear
I found a way to live forever
I found a place where no one cares
One look and you see your eyes are blue
You talked to me with such sincerity
Oh how I wanted you
Come on come on come on lets get there
I know you̢۪ve seen it in my eyes
I̢۪m gonna be someone tomorrow
You̢۪re gonna be something tonight
I look at you I see it in your eyes
You talk to me with such sincerity
Oh how I wanted you, Oh
We know we cannot last forever
Such crazy feelings you inspire
I̢۪ll have to run off by tomorrow
I never could put out this fire
I know you know its going no where
And I feel the hurt for miles and miles
Cos I want to be with you forever
I want to be your precious stone
I̢۪ll never be your precious stone

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Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn
is the track #1 from the album Pete Yorn which is released on 2010-08-28. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2010 Boyletown Music, Inc Under exclusive license to Vagrant Records, LLC
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