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Don't Blame Me Lyrics

Don't blame me for falling in love with you
I'm under your spell but how can I help it?
Don't blame me

Can't you see when you do the things you do?
If I can't conceal the thrill that I'm feeling
Don't blame me

I can't help it if that doggoned
Moon above makes me need
Someone like you to love

Blame your kiss, as sweet as a kiss can be
And blame all your charms that melt in my arms
But don't blame me

Song writer(s): D. Fields, J. Mc Hugh

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Platters - Golden Greats
is the track #34 from the album Golden Greats which is released on 2000-01-01. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2000 Blaricum CD Company (B C D ) B V
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