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Life Loves A Tragedy Lyrics

Of all the words I've spoken

And lies that I've told

Of all the hearts left broken

Begged for, bought, and sold

Lord I'm feeling lonely

Feel like I can't go on

The streets have all grown cold now

The mysteries all gone

She's all gone

She's all gone, gone, gone

All gone now

She's all...

Well I ain't getting any younger

Can't you see it in my eyes

Sweet has turned to sour

I think it's time for me to fly

Well my vices have turned to habits

And my habits have turned to stone

The lies chipped away at my smile now baby

While the truth ate me down to the bone

One more step I swear
And I'll go over the edge

I've gotta stop living at a pace that kills

Before I wake up dead


Good times, bad times

How life loves a tragedy

Heartbreaks, heartaches

How life loves a tragedy

The nights I spent in danger

With strangers I thought were friends

Only to wake in anger

For some pleasure they swore they'd send

I think it's time I move on

Like a rolling stone

Cause I got all the broken dreams I can buy

It's time to sell the ones I stole


Well I paid the price

For every thrill I got

Those thrills are all long gone now baby

But I'm still paying for them like it or not


I think it's time I move on like a rolling stone

Cause I got all the broken dreams I can buy

It's time to sell the ones I stole

Song writer(s): Bruce Anthony Johannesson, Bret Michaels, Bobby Dall, Rikki Rocket

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