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You're The Beautiful One Lyrics

there's no kiss, no kiss I'd trade for you
there's no kiss, no disciple I wouldn't betray for you
you're the beautiful one, of course you knew
and the wind it blew smoke circles around your eyes
I can't teach you, I can't tell you
I can't know you but I want to
I can't sense you, I can't move you
I can't kill you, I can't stop you
there's no tailor-making a four hundred dollar disguise
(not this time)
just an unhappy wind blowin' smoke in your eyes
there's no trust big enough for this room
and you know the certainty will be your doom
you're the beautiful one
you can take that home at night
turn your body to the sun
and soak up what you can this life
(this life, this life)
there's no back space, there's no comma
there's no hyphon, there's no ribbon
there's no tab-skips to the place where it writes out
all is forgiven
there's no accusation that comes as a big surprise
(not this time)
just an unhappy tire throwin' dirt in my eyes
funny how you can cure yourself
but what made you sick's still there
funny how you can detach yourself
when you wanna show you care
you're the beautiful one ...
(you're the one)
you're the beautiful one ...
(you're the one)
you're the beautiful one ...
(you're the one)
you're the on, you're the one, you're the one
you're so far gone a distant planet
is picking up your good-byes on TV
what's so beautiful about you is
you didn't have to explain it to me

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Posies - Alive Before the Iceberg
is the track #4 from the album Alive Before the Iceberg which is released on 1999. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 1999 Houston Party Records
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