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(It Was) Just A Thought Lyrics

(It Was) Just a Thought
The Kiss Of Deathis On My Lips
Gun Lays At My Fingertips
Blood Is Flowing From My Head
A Ll Because Of Something That I Said

This Is Something I Don't Unterstand
Someone Plase Tell Me Again
Cursed For Something That I Said
Now I'm Gonna End Up Dead

An Opinion Is All That I Expressed
I Made Them All Really Dpressed
They Had To Do Away With Me
They Didn't Care That I Was Free

I Don't Need This, I Don't Need To Be Dead
I Don't Need This, I've Got My Own Thoughts In My Head

A Bullet In My Head, My Life Has Turned To Shit
The Kiss Upon My Lips, A Seizure, My Body Flips

My Skull Is Cracked In Half
They Stand There And They Laugh
Now They're Gonna Cut Me Up
Haven't They Already Done Enough?

It Was Just A Thought

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