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The Man Won't Tell Lyrics

Oh If I Just Knew The Truth, Then I Would
not Be Such A Liar
give Me A Chance Again Sir, Give Me One
more Chance, Seems All My Worlds On Fire

oh I Can't Set It Back Down, Once I Hear
that Evil Sound
and They Say There's No Other Way
oh Lord, I'm Going Again

but The Man Won't Tell, No The Man Won't
tell Me Anything
i've Been Workin' So Much, Without Being
able To Pay

nobody Ever Told Me What And If The
checking, Balance, Overdrawn, Now I Say
interested 19, 18, 20, 21 No Matter, Not
what You Gonna Do Now When It Get Inside

evidence Is There, Evidence Shall Fall,
like A Courtroom Trial, I Was Mistaken In
underestimating, So Much Cruelty In Our
world, That's The Cup That's Overfilled

but The Man Won't Tell, No The Man Won't
tell Me Anything
and Then My Daytime Breeds, Oh No My
daytime Breeds Another Pain
and Then The Fields Go Down In One Night's
and The Tomorrow Brings Another Pain

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