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Stumblin' Lyrics

I got to feeling low for making light of whatever you said
The pain went straight to my head chopping me up turning me to morose
You've got a thing or two coming soon so I'll get out of your way
Beat blue, blackened and bruised chopping it up at the end of the day

You better step back and see the mess that you left
Won't you tell it to somebody who cares
I'm stumblin' all the way 'cause its not such a beautiful day

You stopped to see the show but don't believe everything that you read
The pain's still there in my head pulling me close now that I'm here alone
Don't stop because of me you'll never know just how long you'd have stayed
So sleep through the slackening screws cutting me loose at the end of the day

It's not such a beautiful day
But I'll stumble through all the same
The bright lights are fading away
It's not such a beautiful day

Song writer(s): Bernard Joseph Fanning, Jonathan Robert Coghill, Darren Stuart Middleton, John Andrew Collins, Ian David Haug
Official Powderfinger website: powderfinger.com

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Powderfinger - Fingerprints - The Best of Powderfinger
is the track #9 from the album Fingerprints - The Best of Powderfinger which is released on 2009-02-17. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2009 Dew Process
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