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Hold Me Down Lyrics

Oh Lord, soften my heart
May it be broken, by the things that break you own
Oh God, let freedom hold
Hold me closer than I've ever been before
Messiah, let comfort flow
From the hands of the ones You've called your own.

Holy God, Pure Light
We are creatures who need your words to guide
Holy Adonai
Send Your Spirit Lord to chasten, draw us nigh!
Bring freedom here
Love draws us near

Oh Lord, confine my hear
Chasen me often, my eyes are drawn away by simple things
Teach me to learn, render me open
To be humble by correction that you give

Hold me down tonight
Cause I can't seem to choose what is right
Hold me close to you,
Cause my terribly afraid of what I'll do
Redemptions near
Repentance clear

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Preson Phillips - The Observant and the Anawim
is the track #8 from the album The Observant and the Anawim which is released on 2008. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2012 Come&Live Records
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