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Throw In The Towel Lyrics

oh how the life is one great big chore
there's so many things we can't ignore
we have to pay the bills
remember dates
and climb great big hills
just to make things great
oh, and when i open that great big door
reality just kicks me to the floor
and everything we see
is just one great big fantasy
we all wanna be rich
and never pay the bills
we all wanna shit
and never have to wipe, no,
it just ain't right
and never comes the night
you must brush your teeth
turn out the light
and have hectic dreams
(it's just the way life goes)
wanna ring the bell
throw in the towel, but no
it's just the way life...goes
oh, how the life is one great big chore
the chaos and how it never seems to end
but no, we're all grown up now
we can't give up now

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Pridebowl - Drippings of the Past (Bonus Version)
is the track #7 from the album Drippings of the Past which is released on 1996. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2004 Bad Taste Records
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