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I'm Free Lyrics

I wanna be free so free 4X

yeah yeah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
i'm on top of the world & it's a lot better the way i've been
i was sick & tired livin in the life of sin
never again will i do it i did in the past
i'll be the 1st to admit i was goin to fast
forget about the past now it's a memory
in spite of everything i did God remembered me
& i'll forever be greatful as long as i'm livin
doesn't matter if i have to go through armageddon
i ain't sweatin a thing i know who's in control
you could say what you wanna but i'ma take it slow
couldn't take it no more i turned my life over
into the hands of the one that i call Jehovah
took the weight off my shoulders & made my burden lighter
i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Jehovah Jirah
just a reminder it's only just begun
don't be stunned the best is yet to come

I wanna be free so free 4X

yeah what what come on
you can lock me up with no key to be found
still i'm free as a bird to share the word of my sound
try to hymn a brotha up watch out
i use the word to cut 'em up no doubt
steppin in on the scene i feel they eyes on me
i don't fit in the scheme i feel they eyes on me
still my heart will stay clean so get your eyes off me
but let the freedom ring but you don't know what i mean
let me break it down into sections
as the Spirit of God brings correction
section 1 it ain't all about the physical
section 2 i praise God through this music yo
section 3 is that lives are changin
if you ain't down with that you need to exit the game
all i'm tryin to say is there's more to what you see
recognize there's a plan & it involves me
i'm free baby

i wanna be free so free 4X

some people think i clown a lot
some people think that i'm way too real
some people think too much & don't care about the way i feel
i keeps it real uh
ya'll don't wanna see a young brotha gettin healed
& ya'll don't wanna see a young brotha gettin Blessed
so just confess
you'd rather see me stressed uh
i'm in pursuit of my happiness uh
got God in my head & my chest now
i ain't settlin for nothin less now
i'm on my quest for my spiritual best what
this ain't a test just handlin my business
where my people at can a brotha get a witness
i'm on your hitlist but it doesn't matter
radio don't wanna play this 'cause pockets gettin fatter
'cause all i wanna do is make you see
that i'm just gonna stay free
just bein me

i wanna be free so free

i wanna be free free free
i wanna be free indeed
i wanna be free i wanna be free 2X

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Priesthood - Keepin
is the track #3 from the album Keepin' It Real which is released on 2001-07-17. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2001 Metro One, Inc
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