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Eyes Of The Maker Lyrics

Do you remember, floating melodies
Shattered walls... Proud and sane are the ones who face...

Eyes of the maker, call on me
Hands of the faker, handling me

It's a void we're filling, with never lasting needs
Fill it up to stay
Blace and willing, to suck you in, my friend
Stop losing face

Take an average modern man
And an over modern world
The show of today
In this semi-programmed world
Freedom's controlled
Show me the way

There's a stormwind coming
To put your card house down
It's a free wind from the past
It's a life style running
From the hands of time it fleds
The future is today

Take an average modern man...


Do you remember, world's of love and peace

Eyes of the maker, call on me
Hands of the faker, handling me...

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