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Get The Gat! Lyrics

Full Blooded type shit
Mother Fuckin' Gert Town
Represent Nigga
Feelin' me?
Peep this
Real shit, comin' at'cha

[Prime Time]
You ain't no baller dog
Until, ya been doggin' dog
Ya got a strong mouth piece, but I'll down ya dog
We been Houndin' dog,
We been programed to get around the dogs
Like a dog, that'll come find ya dog
Must I remind ya dog,
They K-9 dogs, They Gray Hound dogs
That ain't mind dog, I'ma honk yo shit
Put this in yo radio, and play mine dog
Now watch these hoes, shake, shake to mind dog
These hoes in my face, cause they laced with Prime dog
17 get in line dog, gotta get mine dog,
Top of the line dog, 17 to the 9 dog
Partners-N-Crime, better get yo mind off

For my Hounds, show me love, and
I show it right back
But if they don't show me love
Then I'm goin' to Get the Gat!

[Mista Menor]
Now Holly Groove, that's my stompin' ground
You know its right across the Ave, from that G-Town
Little further down, you gone enter P-Town
A 17 thang, soon as you get Uptown
That 1-7 sent a lot niggas off to Heaven
Cause Fountain Berry, used to knock a mother fucker out
I'm talkin' Bones, USA City, thugged out
Cause back then, Ghost Town was the shit poppin'
Even Tucker out the Tenth, had the bitch rockin'
Where they at, where they at?
Y'all remember that,
The pool table in the back, where the hoes at
A rat hole, where a lot of niggas jammed at, and
They even had the wall knocked back yet
Cause Black Menace, used to rip that mother fucker up
Cause everybody in the hood, new Loopy and Duck, and
Devious was a smooth as nigga to
A littler later, Lil' Slim, came bustin' through
Cise out the Groove, Fiend, out the Groove to, and
Sporty T came hard with the Ninja Crew
Can't forget about Insane and that nigga Wayne
That 17th, got game in the comin' lane

Holly Groove showed me love
So I'm showin' it right back
But if they don't show me love
Far I'm goin' to Get the Gat!
The Groove showed me love
So I'm showin' it right back
But if they show me love
Far I'm goin' to Get the Gat!

[Mista Menor]
Yo P-Teezy?

[Prime Time]
Hey Red, I'm off the Heezy

[Mista Menor]
I'm feelin' that

[Prime Time]
Fuck with you, they get that scalp pilled back

[Mista Menor]
I got the same love Black
React and jack
You probably make a nigga
Smack a bitch with a gat
See I do it for you
But Prime, only for you

[Prime Time]
Come on Red, I'm the same nigga
I got the same love to, and
If they fuck you, then they got to face me to, and
They can bring they whole crew

[Mista Menor]
And, Prime what they wanna do?

[Prime Time]
I don't know who they claimin' to be

[Mista Menor]
These bitch niggas out here playin' with me

[Prime Time]
Ain't no mother fuckin' game with me

[Mista Menor]
Prime, who these niggas claimin' to be?

[Prime Time]
Uhh, somethin' somethin' with a H-O-T

[Mista Menor]
We gone let these busters know, we some D-O-G-S
17th, strictly fuckin' with that P-N-C

[Prime Time]
I'm from that G-T-P

[Mista Menor]
I'm from that H-G-P

[Prime and Menor together]
We some 17th niggas, off the T-O-P
Hound Out, Hound Out
Nigga, Fa'sho
Feel this shit, P-Teezy
Feel this fuckin' shit,
G-T-P, H-G-P
That mother fuckin' 17th, let 'em know

The Hood showed us love
So we showin' it right back
But if they don't show us love
Then we goin' to Get the Gat!

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