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Neck Of The Woods Lyrics

Neck of the Woods, Neck of the Woods
Neck of the Woods, It's all good

[First Verse]
I keep my thang on my side, when it's time to bring heat
Game plan so sweet, sharpin' up like iron clites
Him he don't want none of me, you fuckin' around with the wrong peeps
Lil' Wayne, I'm knockin' out teeth, have yo whole click deceased
Them Hounds say fuck a reala,
Say Baby, don't make me steel 'em ,
Any one of my Lil' Hounds to the B-Geez I'll kill 'em
Look dog, ya feelin' me?
Then keep that there on the hush,
To much to be touched,
Gotta 'em runnin' in circles when I bust
Scare, wound and crushed, Full Blooded with some nuts
I'm top of the line dog, Hound Out with some guts
Been Thuggin' since 80 what ,
You been Thuggin' since 90 what,
Starchy and Husk couldn't fuck with me,
I come bangin' up by the bust

I keep my Hounds, Hound Out
But dog it's all good
When I hit yo fuckin' set Boo-Ya,
Give up the goods
See Hounds, Hound Out
If not give 'em the bud
Nothin' but drama goin' on,
In my Neck of the Woods

[Second Verse]
Hounds, ha I get down, I ain't playin' with 'cha dog
Ha-ah Hounds get down with the fuckin' Sawed-off
Approach me wrong, you really want to meet my fuckin' chrome?
You get loaded off home born, I flip you bitch in the Super Dome
My dog told me Lil' Prime keep yo fuckin' head focus
Prayin' and hopin' one of you niggas try to come smoke me
Don't fuck with this token, look here Wootay I'm bout that
You fuck with this Hound dog I'ma get'cha out that
I bounce with that, I only understood one kat
Keep it real with my Hounds, uh huh you know I'm bout that
Make way for the B-Way, fully loaded with the AK
I be with the Tre-8, Jone Jones better show 'em we don't play
Fuck up Juve and I'm pop ya, when a Hounds be unstoppable
Ha, ain't impossible, like a pip I'm lockable, you fearin' possible
Solja Reeboks is drippin' blood, better get the steppin'
My Hounds don't be showin' love,
Better quit that reppin'


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