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She's Giving Me Love Lyrics

[Prime Time]

Whoa! Check it out,
We got all my hounds in here,
We gonna take it to the old school club version, ya heard me?
Y'all know how we used to do it at Club 49 in the Big Easy,
Hold on DJ, Stop that, stop that,
We gonna do it like this here, check this out,

[Chorus: Kangol Slim]

She's Giving Me Love,
Oh Love,
She's Giving Me Love,
Oh Love,
She's Giving Me Love,
Oh Love, Oh Love,
She's Giving Me Love,
Oh Love

[First Verse: Kangol Slim]

When I was young my Mother watched me as I played,
And every night she got down to her knees and to the Lord she prayed,
For her son who will one day be up in this World,
And that he grows up strong enough to watch her baby Girl,
Back in those days, we all done some bad,
But my Mother grabbed me by my shirt and smacked me on my back,
That's one thing I can say and even the man up above,
Even though my Mother spanked me she has always shown me love


[Second Verse: Kangol Slim]

When I was maybe seven I started actin' wild,
Everybody in the neighborhood said that I was a problem child,
Suspended from school had to stay home for three days,
It's a damned shame, everyone says I'm only in the damned third grade,
But Mother did not worry, her son is still kinda young,
Every night she gets down on her knees and still prays for her son,
To straighten up and to start handling his biz,
She said one day in the future I might have some lovely kids


[Third Verse: Kangol Slim]

Dropped out of school in only eleventh grade,
Everybody says that Walter is going the wrong way,
But I slowly came to see, all that life was really made of,
Now I'm handling biz, got my own kids, and my own house,
And still to this day,
My Mother gets down and prays,
For the Lord to lead me right,
So I may live my life


[Bridge One: Prime Time]

Yeah, I see them boys in the fourth Ward is back actin' bad,
I see y'all out there!
Sixth Ward, where y'all at?
Seventeenth! Yeah!
Seventeenth! I see y'all back there!
YEAHHHHH Bring that beat back bring that beat back,
Third Ward, I see y'all up here!
Seventh Ward where ya at where ya at?
Seventh Ward where ya at?
Yeah, it's the fifteenth up here!
Y'all know how we do it baby! Old School style!

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