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Eurotrash Lyrics (Feat.. Leeroy)

Chorus: Leeroy 2x]
Ils veulent direct la caillasse gagner le fric avant
oubliant d'passer l'message boy
Tout l'monde veut rafler I'pactole odolâtré telle une
ne connaissant même pas les bases

[Verse 1: Promoe]
Hiphop started in the Bronx, or was in Africa?
I don't really know when, what a tragic ambassador
I'd make for the culture or was it a movement
Or was it an industry full of consumers?
Full of politics is there any improvement?
Is this my heritage or am I intruding?
Treading hollow ground or am I telling the truth when
I say what I say man I do what I'm doing
What's really the truth? OK: from my point of view then
Looptroop is the hottest except for Saïan Supa Crew and
We don't deal with the media's old you're out and
you're in
Too much brown nosing breath smelling like urine
Stop believing their hype man they all got you fooled
To me Dipshit ain't droppin no juelz and
Who else, 50? He ain't really been cool since
The mixtapes and I don't want back the old school since
The old heroes soundin like some bitter old fools and
This one is exclusive for all of the true fans
Sing along with us while you push up your two hands
Tell'em make way for the new revolution!

[Chorus 2x]

And you can call it Eurotrash, some backpack and pseudo
Like we don't know where the Euro's at, but we still
whoppin' your ol' ass

Tu venux que je sois cool, ramasse-moi le savion, c'est
La savane, désormais le hiphop ne salue mëme plus sa
Famille, au bord de la famise, las prods ont banalisé
L'unanime, peu importe la mise mon rap à été visé,
La crise, de Paname à Stockolm, je reste fidèle à la
Comme le docteur Watson l'est à Sherlock Holmes, j'en
Ai vu des gogols, buffer dans le microphone, un tas de
Rimes inodores, la médiocrité comme idole, ici c'est
Malade, sur la scène le Saïan vient te mettre à
Tu peux remballer ta caillasse, fais péter la sono, top
Chrono, Leeroy et Promoe, le flow qui t'arnaque comme
Le tabac de ta Malboro... !

And I ain't looking for no rapbeefs
I'm the first for admit I ain't build for that shit
And those beefs ain't nothing but Promotion campaigns
Part of the circus I'm going against
I just felt the need to be calling out names
And expose the keyplayers and what they're calling the
They're all caught in the think
- Ey yo Leeroy! Sing the chorus again he goes:

[Chorus 2x]

And you can call it Eurotrash, some backpack and sued
ol' rap,
like we don't know where the euro's at, but we still
whoppin' your all ass
And you can call it Eurotrash, whatever man you won't
bending over for that good old cash, hiphop's run by
businessmen and bureaucrats

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Promoe - White Man
is the track #8 from the album White Man's Burden which is released on 2006-09-25. Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2006 David vs Goliath
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