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Oh If you have an ear then hear God alone wise and true.
Tho' all be found liars in this merchantful abyss. Reject
the dragon's billboards, false christs false hopes away.
God pulls our wrists out from history's razor blade. The
fists of manifestos quietly fall in line. This present
age It roars…the contents the same: conform.

O bride be dressed In readiness your Beloveds near the
door and you will lack nothing if armed with your sword

Spirit blade to pierce the throat of the blasphemous
beast, stare in It's light eternal propaganda cease

Dance until this world's white dress falls off by His
mercy, and in the early hours of the morn, exposed to the
Word -transform!

O lover know the scroll is not itself the bread of life.
reveals Him called Faithful and True on a white horse

with justice and eyes of fire "from His mouth comes a
Sword" says a voice, "to strike the nations down be glad
and rejoice!" the Spirit and the bride they cry "come
Alpha and Omega, wound us with longing more, God, Living
Word, our Lord"

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