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Still Right Here In My Heart Lyrics

There's a silver moon in the midnight sky
And lovers are heart to heart
But love is a shadow
Lost in your eyes
And time has taken us apart
But it's so far away and so long ago
It's still so strong I want you to know

You're still right here in my heart
Where you've been right from the start
Still right here in my heart oh baby

There's a hollow sound in this empty room
Echoes in the dark
I wish I could wake and find you here
Give us another chance to start
But night after night day after day
I love you so much I still have to say


Well I wonder what you're feelin
Do you ever feel the same
When you listen to your heart
Do you ever hear my name


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Pure Prairie League - Something In the Night
is the track #7 from the album Something In the Night which is released on 1981. Genre: Country | Record Label: 1981 Mercury Records
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