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Damn all these muthafuckas are here
Can you believe this shit?
All these muthafuckas claiming to be R. Kelly
But they don’t know who he is I'm R.Kelly (that’s for damn sure)
Look at the muthafucka over there he didn’t even got all teeth
What the fuck is he trying to be
I am R. Kelly
(Yeah, Right)
But they don't know who The Real R. Kelly is
Okay, Now would the real R.Kelly please stand up?
Now that's what i'm talking about now.
Come on man.
Nigga you ain’t no R. Kelly

Song writer(s): Robert S. Kelly
Official R. Kelly website: www.r-kelly.com

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R. Kelly - TP-2.com
is the track #10 from the album TP-2.com which is released on 2000-11-07. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 2000 Zomba Recording LLC
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