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Make Ya Girl Lyrics

i can make ya girl do anything i wanted to
i can make ya girl do anything i wanted to
drop baby we gone
drop baby gon bring it back baby gon bring it back i said

i can make ya girl do anythin i want m-m make her drop it low plus she got a donk the things she do for me she dont do for ubut you gon neva know bout nunna' dat
but you can bet i do
I think im in love, wit yo chick
tryna call her over there
then she turned around quick
thought she was
but you got that middle finger flip
she dont like you
but she be on ma tip

ya girl like me, she do whateva I say
and I got her comin back to me like double the pace
and you know I got these girls all runnin a race
girl, i just can't have one
I gotta taste for
a lot of women
ya girl, i would be gettin
and if i get you slippin then it is good ridence
huh, and dont you eva forget it
im a dog
beastin up her kitten

I-I-I can make ya girl do
anythin i wanted to
cause i'm the type that
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of dude that she would do anything to so
kiss my shoes
matter fact
kiss me too
now gon' drop baby
now yo man mad
cuz you haven't talked to him lately
thats kinda shady
but uh-
i'm prolly gonna' tame ya
so let me get ya numba
maybe you can drop it later
one of yo girls is kinda clever
that yo girl just ranger claimed us
cuz i brought my bros the rangers
you ma kinda flavour

ah oh new news i'll
take ya girl from you
then make her stand on all fours
then fetch me some new shoes
th-thats how I do
whenever I choose
don't be mad at yourself
she just wanted somethin else
you should prolly change your game
change you game and help yourself
cuz you really need some help
i'll teach you what to do
step by step
now,heres my steps just reapeat yourself
if she like you, then she do
if not it's not on you

Chorus:I can make ya girl do, anything I wanted to
I can make ya girl do, anything I wanted to
drop baby we gone
drop baby gon' bring it back
baby gon' bring it back
i saiddd (2x)

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