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Sexy Lyrics

(feat. Mya)

Your so sexy...

You look so sexy
S-e-x-y sexy [X4]
Sexy to me

do your dance you shake that thang
You can drive a horny nigga insane
howd u get all that ass in them jeans
you can let it all pop out on me
slidin down the pole makin sexy faces
niggas in the club trickin off this places
how about takin me to VIP
show me what you can do for all this money
ill make you think about goin home with me
pop about 2 or 3 extacies
take a couple shots of some hennesey
now strip for me

You look so sexy
S-e-x-y sexy [X4]
Sexy to me

this is what i wanna do
take u off the club, get u in my coop
drive u to my house, throw you in my room
shakin that thing is what you do
show me how u do it in the from and the back
get us all excited, cuz you dancin like that
show us how u make that big ol' booty go [clap]
i love it when your body speaks to me
i like it when your dancing next to me
the way you do your dance keeps me so intrigued
im definatly a fan cuz your so sexy
now strip for me

You look so sexy
S-e-x-y sexy [X4]
Sexy to me

when the light come off
youll be takin me home
bouncin back and fourth yea
till about 6 in the morn
see i like fast cars
ill tell u i can ride real star
i never met a brother so S-E-X-Y
damn your such a star
you look so sexy

You look so sexy
S-e-x-y sexy [X4]
Sexy to me

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Ray J - Raydiation
is the track #12 from the album Raydiation which is released on 2005-09-20. Genre: Dance | Record Label: 2005 Knockout Entertainment Inc , under exclusive licence to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd , a BMG Company
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