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Chasin Heavin Raisin Hell Lyrics

(Link crew hustlas in this muthafucka)
Everyday I spend in my life, I'm just trying to get my hustle right
I'm on the block chasing mail all day, raisin hell all day

Life's been crazy for me, since the day I could see
Momma died, couldn't cry till I turned 23
Harden my heart to this cold world, grew up a G
Hit up my homies with the same sign they threw up to me
As we got older, I had bigger plans I wanted to fly
18 years old, ready to ride, ready to die
Drinking liquor with the hardest niggas ever alive
Then I realized, only the smartest soldiers survive
I'm chasing heaven cause we living in hell
So we give'em hell around the clock until we living well
And then it might stop
But if not then I guess it's on till we drop off the planet
I lost another friend to jealousy and can't understand it
Found out, most soldiers fall in the heat of the panic
And get to killing they own in this ghetto titanic
I got to hand it to my father, though I took him for granted
He told me, life is what you make it and not how you planned it
What do the future hold when all we ever do is damage
Growing up mannish, I wonder how my son will manage
I pray I to go to heaven through all the drama will I recover
I got enemies that want me and won't rest till I suffer
What do I do?

[Chorus x2]
Everyday I spend in my life, I'm just trying to get my hustle right
I'm on the block chasing mail all day, raisin hell all day
Everyday and Every night, I find another way to make it right
I blaze the weed to the hell go away, Chasing heaven while I bell all day

When I was 17, times could not have been no better
My and my homie wrote raps, smoked, kicked it together
Wore eachother clothes, even stuck hoes together
Small time dreaming of signing doing shows for chedder
Two young niggas, I guess we didn't know no better
Thought we was invincible real niggas live forever
30 white boys jumped up and nobody ran
handle them Nigga as best as you can
And when you finish niggas bail
Before the rollers catch us again
It's out sight, under the street light fighting with friends
Remember tossing ho's, getting them for the last of they ends
And hit the movie with a blunt or two, drinking on gin
Just the California lifestyle, juvenile sin
Grew up and caught case, both sent to the pen
And even though we went our own ways, we'll meet in the end
I'm raising hell till I see you again
Until then I'm just

[Chorus x2]

My Whole life I guess I always wanted a lover like me
Ambitious, smart and driven from the gutter like me
A little sexy something, something independent and free
With a fuck'em attitude and only listen to me
But all I see is dirty rats, just begging for cheese
Trying to be the baby momma of a nigga with G's
Soon as you leave, the next nigga be fucking with ease
And if you shake that bitch, she'll be fucking the three's
Baby please, I need woman that can roll the weed
Not a gossipy ass hoochie telling all she sees
Sexy and fearless, if they coming not afraid to squeeze
And let'em have it if they need be
I need a soldier like my sistian
First one to bomb when we get it on
And when I'm buckwild, always know how to calm me down
But if I lose her and you happened to find her
Then player know, you got a hell raising rider for sho (A hell raising rider fa sho)

[Chorus x2]

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