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The Tribes United Lyrics

Chatti- Bructeri and Marsi have come
To meet secretly with Segimer's son
Cherusci, Angrivarii, German tribes to strong
To fight all united together as one

Brothers, raise your swords

The tribes all united
United as one
The force we could muster
The deeds to be done
The tribes all united
United as one
With an iron fist and a sword in hand
To crush the power of Rome

Welcome Segestes, ally to Rome
I took your daughter for a wife so please feel at home
I dine with Varus, know what's on his mind
Germania as a province, oh you cannot be so blind

Segestes, raise your sword

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Rebellion - Arminus, Furor Teutonicus
is the track #8 from the album Arminus, Furor Teutonicus which is released on 2012-10-26. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2012 Massacre Records
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