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Oh Christine, don't be mean
Cause my heart can't take it this time
If you say to me goodbye
We can never make this right
Are you that far from me
That you'd forget about the time we
Watched the sunrise from my car
And you woke up in my arms

And we'll say goodbye to what we had
And we'll say goodbye
Oh Christine, you're so mean
When you call me up and tell me
That we're better off as friends
And this distance never ends
So I'll sit home alone
'Til you call me up and tell me
That you've had some time to think
But I've had too much to drink

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Red Hot Valentines - Summer Fling
is the track #7 from the album Summer Fling which is released on 2003-05-20. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2003 Polyvinyl Record Co
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