Oh Jackie boy, dressed in black.
Hilljack Johnny Cash.
Oh Jackie boy life is pretty grand.
A family and a plot of land.
Oh Jackie boy, you love your grand-baby.
Wide eyed, seventeen, your brandy.
Oh Jackie boy, you're the big winner.
But the lottery made you a sinner.
Now west Virginia knows your name.
314 million dollars of fame.
What will you do with all of that money?
What's good and proper in the name of philanthropy.
You thank your god with ten percent.
Give to the needy, the hungry, and those who lament.
Everyone wants a piece of that ticket and they'll stop
at nothin' to get it.
Jackie boy, how you have changed.
No one to trust.
Your wife estranged.
Cuttin' checks to you baby Brandy.
But she's been spendin' on a a new kind of candy.
And you found your own escape.
Take to the tables and piss it away.
You love the ladies at the pink pony.
They dance for you cause you got the money.
And everyone can be bought.
Do what it takes to get jack hot.
And you're full of propositions in your drunken
And you got no guilt or shame.
Ans your wallet is to blame.
What an unfortunate fortune.
Plagued with demons.
Jack, you tycoon.
You say you got more money than god.
Now baby brandy's got your attention.
But you still got more money than god.
They found her boyfriend on the floor of you mansion.
But you still got more money than god.
Oh Jack,
you lucky bastard.
uh oh, your Brandy's gone.
Oh Jack, you lucky bastard.
uh oh the search is on.
They found her body wrapped up and abandoned.
But you still got more money than god.
Oh, Jackie boy, you've been transformed.
Can you sleep at night?
Oh Jackie boy, you got nothin' left but you and your

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Red Knife Lottery - Soiled Soul And Rapture
is the track #9 from the album Soiled Soul And Rapture which is released on 2009-08-11. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 Uprising Records
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