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Fed By Satellites Lyrics

oh my godno, i can't believe
this is happening again.
fed by satellites.
don't say that we're not listening,
this is everything to us.
mission control from an astronaut
'you're signals loosing strenght'
and all these temporary delays
are dismantling my faith
note to self, don't ever trust anybody else, ever again.
and i know, you're so good at giving in, never again.
i'm all alone up here

so far away from home
and i know the recivers broken
this is my last transmission.
monday, january 29th
a communication satellite
is destroyed by meteor showers.
and the americans announce
they've got an astronaut
stuck in space.
a world fed by satellites
watches in suspense
as our hero aims for earth
and manually stears the ship
so close to home...

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