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Cursed As A Young Black Man Lyrics

Dear father God
What have we done to deserve this oppression
As a black race we're not making it
As a black man we're gonna be extinct
You were right yo

I'm cursed as a black man no matter what I do I'm last
Never ever first
I need a hit to quench my thirst, sooner or later
I'm a end up in a hearse nine feet under the dirt
No longer will I exist on this earth, mom was right
She said sonny boy pray on your knees and go to church
But that's just it mom I can't cause I am too emotionally hurt
I am legally psychotic recovering alcoholic that's why
Can't I be happy marry and have a wife and kids
I highly doubt it judged by the way that I look
And the way that I walk judge this cover by the book
I don't think its fair take a look two craze teens they
Tried to kill me they tried to poison me other's from the
Corporate world don't want to see me make it
So they dispose of me I'm barley living my life
I need m,o,n,e,y 14 thousand in debt
Moms I can't take this no more

Cursed as a young black man I need a helping hand (Repeat 4) Cursed

Lonely the sadness unhappiness I can't take it no more
Why these things they happen to me I've figured it out
I'm a cursed man that's why I now understand that I'm gonna suffer
And when I die I'm gonna suffer some more that's just it no matter what I do
My moms said go to church but like I said emotionally hurt psychotic my mind aint
Straight I need someone to help me to straighten it out psychologist I doubt it
They can't get in my head I don't have no money to pay them anyhow so I'm a
Cursed black man I am last never ever first I need a hit to quench my thirst
Now sooner or later I'm a end up in a hearse nine feet under in the dirt
No longer existing upon this earth but that's just me emotionally r,e,h,d,o double g
Wreck that's why I know that I was never ever a Frett always a b,l,y,d,e,n

Cursed as a young black man I need a helping hand (Repeat 4)

Will I make it, no longer faking it that's why I don't know

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Reh Dogg - Do We Miss Rafael
is the track #16 from the album Do We Miss Rafael which is released on 2006. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2006 R D Music Studio
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