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The Way I Feel Inside Ii Lyrics

Oh yeah (2 times)
Listen to what Im saying
The way I feel inside, makes me wanna run and hide
The way I feel inside, no more lies
You make me wanna die, dont ask me why I dont know
The way I feel inside, makes me wanna run. Makes me wanna hide oh no
Yeah, tell me why you do me that, you run and cheat and sleep with everyone
I cant take no more, every night I lie down and cry
Why you do me that I dont know why, why you do me that
Way I feel inside, you make me wanna run and hide
The way I feel inside no more lies, dont lie to my face. On no dont do that
Oh yeah, you cheat behind my back you sleep around on me
I do not understand girl why you hate me, I did everything to please you girl
But you dont love me, you used me. You abused my love, you abused my trust
I cant take any more I gotta leave now. Ohhhhhh, girl you treat me bad I dont know
I feel inside. I dont know, the way you treat me girl you know that its ashamed
I do not know why you dont know my name; I know that on the sly you treat me so bad
The way I feel inside

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Reh Dogg - Long Hard Road
is the track #9 from the album Long Hard Road which is released on 2003. Genre: World | Record Label: 2003 Reh Dogg
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