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Saint Alcohol Lyrics


U could`ve waited until sunrise, I should`ve known that
you were anything but youself
Still you retaliate and blame it on me, feel like
I love u, I miss u, I hate u, I wish you came back

Verse 1:

Looks like I`m lost in a drean for sure, feels like
darkness is surrounding me and more. I thought she was
like heavenly send, but found out mr. Lucifer was
serious competition, but while I`m thinking it started
of real cool, u know drunk with love and actin a fool,
I was blazed with the thought that this was mend to be,
mend for me, but she had different needs, but I
believed so I kept fallin for that smile,those eyes
that keep callin me. So what a bloke to do, when the
truth is out there but the light ain`t shining through.
I never knew it, but this feeling of forsaken is
comparable to nothing ye can`t even name it, frame it,
tame it, it brings you down while your down. See the
love that I once toasted on, that shit made me drawn

Chorus: idem ditto

Verse 2:

Damn could`ve seen that shit coming miles away, but I
was on cloud nine or something, nothing but the goods
was coming through my mind, but come to think of it
when was the last time I`ve seen ye smile.
It`s bin a while and damned I see the signs no more
coursing with words, cuz we crossed that line I
realized that Lucifer lit his match it kept me in the
dark, but gave u a new best friend. At least that`s
what you said, cuz I`m dreaming of love when I`m
resting my head.
Instead I payed my debt and now I`m walking alone
I rolled my dice and now my fortune is gone.
Now hang on a minute what did you mean with forever and
more, what did you mean with yeah for sure I`m yours,
what did you mean with I`m your man, but what the hell
am I doing with your blood on my hands…damn

Chorus: idem ditto


Don`t stop, don`t quit, don`t flip no
Don`t stop, don`t quit, no schizo
Don`t stop, don`t quit, just let go
Don`t stop, don`t quit, no shit no

Don`t stop, don`t quit, just cross this
Don`t stop, don`t quit, just flawless
Don`t stop, don`t quit, just conscious
Won`t stop don`t need no doctor

Chorus: idem ditto

End Chorus:

I`d wish you regret
I wish you came back
(I wish you) Out of my head

I love u, I miss u, I hate u, I wished on yo death

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Relax - Odeur De Clochard
is the track #5 from the album Odeur De Clochard which is released on 2005-02-13. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2004 Eldridge Isselt, a k a L Dridge en Llewy is Sel, under exclusive license to Universal Music B V
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